The Contingency Plan Globe and Mail Review "Former Torontonian and current Vancouverite Serge Bennathan's Slam2 is his take on the biblical Prodigal Son. Vanessa Goodman, Jane Osborne and Leigha Wald each take turns narrating the story into a dangling microphone on an empty stage. To [Bertrand Chénier]'s menacing soundscape, the three dancers execute Bennathan's bruising trademark athleticism. It is a maelstrom of emotions and these young dancers look very strong in the telling."

PAULA CITRON, The Globe and Mail, July 18/09
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SLAM2 was made possible with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
Canada Council for the Arts

The Contingency Plan Georgia Straight Article

Georgia Straight Review: Dances For a Small Stage "The much rowdier Contingency Plan (Vanessa Goodman, Jane Osborne, and Leigha Wald) gamely hammed it up under a banner that read Strathcona High Class of '56 (also the title of the work). Clad in perfect pastel dresses and looking like extras from Peggy Sue Got Married, their high schoolers went from the nervous energy of a slow dance set to the crooning of Elvis Presley (a protective group huddle gave way to groping dance partners from the audience) and devolved into stripping down to their knickers in an anachronistic, tribal tribute to Fleetwood Mac's Tusk. Altogether twisted and inspired."

JANET SMITH, The Georgia Straight, August 7/09
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Here's a shout-out for one of the smallest but most innovative troupes in the city, the Contingency Plan. Subtitled tripping.closely.perception, this production finds the trio creating a new work and commissioning one by always hilarious local star Tara Cheyenne-Friedenberg. The Draw: You never know what the TCP has in store: in the past, they've brought to life everything from battling gnomes to deranged '50s prom queens. Target Audience: Dance fans longing for something new.

JANET SMITH, The Georgia Straight, September 15/11
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"Vanessa Goodman's eerily convincing, and classically skilled, toy ballerina and the physical character work of the two [gnomes] (Leigha Wald and Jane Osborne), one macho, the other sensitive... was fun to watch. Contingency is making a name for comedy, but the emerging troupe's technical chops are no joke."

JANET SMITH, The Georgia Straight, December 3/09
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"It's hard not to make an impression when you're dressed up like a lawn-ornament gnome or tearing off a '50s prom gown while shaking it to Fleetwood Mac's Tusk.
      And that's just what Jane Osborne and her friends at the new collective the Contingency Plan have done. They've been pushing themselves - as well as ideas of dance - in bold and often hilarious new directions."

JANET SMITH, The Georgia Straight, September 16/10
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The Contingency Plan Dance Current Article

"Vanessa Goodman, Jane Osborne and Leigha Wald, who met at SFU and have now formed The Contingency Plan together, were equally engaged in Serge Bennathan's 'SLAM2'. All three magnificently fulfilled his vocabulary of spidery fingers, athletic rolls and gorgeous arches."

"The Contingency Plan did an outstanding job with Bennathan's 'SLAM2'... I was happily caught up in the visceral poetry in the movement." - ROB KITSOS

The Dance Current, August 13/09
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"'Caesura', choreographed by Justine Chambers and danced by Vancouver's Vanessa Goodman and Jane Osborne from The Contingency Plan, offers an exceptional opportunity to witness intelligent and integrated movement that incorporates thoughtful gestural detail. The short hypnotic loop of bell melodies by Oval's 'Do While' creates a trance-like minimalist rhythm that matches Goodman and Osborne's calm, strong performance. Gorgeous still points that somatically transmit a deep feminine energy punctuate the duet, which is danced in the form of a bodily conversation."

MARY THERESA KELLY, The Dance Current, September 1/10
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The Contingency Plan Plank Magazine Review

"Slam2 exposed the audience to a choreographer's unique vocabulary: movements that were simultaneously athletic and agile, heroic and eccentric ... rich with metaphoric possibility ... the performers read as both actors in a drama and as pawns of more powerful forces. They contort themselves as if struggling with great emotion, struck by lightning or tormented by an angry god ... The overall effect is epic. Slam2 is a poetic parable of adventure and return. That it is highly allusive, non-linear, and challenging to interpret speaks to the confidence of its creator, who permits images and fragments to stand on their own..."

KIRSTIE MCCALLUM, Plank Magazine, July 23/09
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The Contingency Plan Review Vancouver

"Vanessa Goodman returns to the floor for the fourth time at the Firehall in just over 24 hours showing no sign of fatigue. She joins British born Jane Osborne, and Yukon raised Leigha Wald as The Contingency Plan to perform the premier of Serge Bennathan's Slam2. Bertrand Chénier's aggressive industrial soundtrack seems entirely appropriate for this imaginative, non-linear work. The three women execute the physically demanding dance vocabulary with incredible athletism."

JOHN JANE, Review Vancouver, July '09

The Contingency Plan Yukon News Article

 ... [Leigha] Wald arrived in Whitehorse two weeks ago with her dance collective, The Contingency Plan, to teach a student dance residency and prepare for their show.
      "In my generation there wasn't a lot of support for contemporary dance in Whitehorse," said Wald. "So it's nice to be able to share what I've been learning in Vancouver with the dancers here."
      Wald and the other Contingency Plan dancers, Vanessa Goodman and Jane Osborne, worked with students from Leaping Feats Creative Danceworks and the Northern Lights Dance Studio on a piece that will be performed this weekend. The dance residency, funded by the Society of Yukon Independent Dance Artists, is intended to give pre-professional dance experience to students by paying them for their work and connecting them with bigger names in the dance industry ...

VIVIAN BELIK, Yukon News, June 12/09
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Jane Osborne